You have gained too much power during your adventures. 

Your strength is out of your control.

Can you succeed in your quest for weakness to be finally able to go back to your loved one?

In The Curse of Power you play the role of a great hero that returns home after his last adventure…but there’s a problem: you are too strong and you’re unable to touch your soulmate without hurting her.

And thus begins your new quest (and hopefully the last)! You have to get rid of your power by giving it to others.

Punch your way through a city filled with criminals, protect the civilians and heal those who fall. You can choose to heal criminals too, but they’ll come back using your strength against you.

Your final goal is to get rid of all your power while protecting the civilians.

If you can’t reach your goal, don’t worry, there are 4 possible endings, according to your performance.

Try to reach the happy ending, and please feel free to share your results in the comments


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